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King David RPG

Play as a young king David. Can you defeat Goliath? · By Ecation


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Recent updates

Added version 485 with more tutorials and sabbath
-Added more tutorials to guide the player -Added sabbath every 7th day -Fixed a bug related to pathfinding -Sheep can now be fed wheat -Pray in a certain spot t...
1 file
Added version 465 with big updates
Tons of updates in this release: -Many bug fixes, we are getting close to a pretty stable game -Added snow and snow fights with big brother -Added running races...
1 file
Added version 400 with an improved color palette
Added version 400 with an improved color palette and a bugfix for the start screen tutorial...
1 file
Added version 393 with tons of improvements and fixes
-Better handling of carried items -Quizz visibility bug after harp game fixed -Apple tree added -Hard rocks are harder to break -Improvements in dungeon designs...
Added version 359 with many small fixes
-Fixed a prayer related bug -Fixed a bug in which some item animations would get stuck -Improved the dialogue system...
2 files
Added version 344 with improved cave designs
-Improved cave designs -Bug fixes...
2 files
Play as a young king David. Can you defeat Goliath?
Added version 314 with bugfixes and graphics improvements
-Better looking water -Bug fixes -More hints to help the player...
1 file
Added version 303 with many improvements
Here is a list of the some of the main additions: -More tutorials, explanations and UI improvements -Mice in some caves -Some new prayer answers -New music...
2 files
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This game is very cute! I love the simplistic sprite style, the music, and the mechanics. I've been having trouble figur...
started by koohallin Jan 13, 2022
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